Monday, May 27, 2013

Happy Memorial Day

Hey everyone and Happy Memorial Day!! Any special plans today?? There is a block party on my street today and my kids DO NOT do the loud music so I might take them over to Chuck E Cheese to have a day of fun! I'm still undecided, it kinda looks like they've made up their minds to veg on the couch all day in front of the boob tube playing Wii all day LOL

How is everyone doing on their healthy living journey?? I lost .6 this week which brings my total lost to 33.8! I can live with it because I had a good beginning of the week but then Friday came and it went down hill!! LOL So I'm taking it and RUNNING OFF!!

My goal is to have another 16.2 off by August 12th which is when we leave for Wildwood NJ on our week vacation! I'd like to be down 50 by that time! I think it's still possible....we shall see

Tomorrow the kiddos go back to school and I'm going to CLEAN, CLEAN, CLEAN and get a good workout in!! I'm in love with the Leslie Sansone Walk At Home DVDs AND I started doing the Shaun T Rockin Body Mark, Move and Groove and I'm really... enjoying it!! I do a 3 mile walk then I do 15 minutes of Shaun T. If I feel extra energetic, I go for 30 minutes of Shaun T! Either way, I try to get in roughly an hour workout in each day! That doesn't include the rest of the day's running around and other stuff I am doing!!

So have a safe, fun and healthy Memorial Day!

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