Monday, April 15, 2013

Monday weigh-in and Cardiologist visit today

Did my weigh in this morning and lost .2 which brings my total lost to 31.2 lbs!!  WOOHOOO

Just got back home from the cardiologist and he said everything is GREAT!!

He actually told me I didn't need a few of my daily supplements. He recommended that I discontinue taking the Omega-3, Calcium and Vitamin's C & E. He even felt I could stop taking the daily Prilosec!! He did recommend that I continue my daily low dose baby aspirin, garlic and my daily multi vitamin and to start taki
ng Vitamin D. He was very happy with my weight loss and advised that I continue to do what I'm doing!! I was advised to keep up my walking!! I go back to see him in 6 months!

I learned something very interesting today....when you lose 1 lb, your knees actually feel like they have lost roughly 8 lbs! He told me that my 31 lb weight loss feels like I lost 250 lbs as far as my knees are concerned! That made me feel AWESOME!!

I ran right over to the pharmacy and bought the Vitamin and restocked my garlic tabs!

I'm on the road to good health inside and out, mind body and soul!!! ♥

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  1. Thanks so much for sharing this story, I really hope that you can continue to live a healthy life! I have a friend who had to visit a Queens cardiologist because his weight was putting a big damper on his life. But he is doing well now and is trying his best to lose some weight so he can be healthy.