Thursday, January 31, 2013

My thoughts

I hate when I have nights like this.  My mind never seems to just shut down and stop the insane thoughts!  I start thinking of my life and they are all questions that weigh VERY heavy on my mind.

How can I continue being a single widowed mother of ADHD/Autistic twin sons?

What will tomorrow bring for us?

Do I really think I can raise these boys all by myself?

Will I really be able to get all this weight off?

Why does all this seem so impossible for me?

Can I continue living my life alone?

How will I keep all the bills paid if something bad happens?

So many questions and no answers which is very frustrating!

I need to learn how to to shut off and block the negative thoughts and turn them around into positive thoughts!

One Day (One Thought) At A Time!

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