Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Happy 1st Day Of Spring!!

Happy 1st Day Of Spring my Friends!!!!  Ok so about 1/4 of the year is gone already.  How are you doing with your weight loss/eating healthy journey??  Take some time today to sit, relax with a cup of coffee or tea and just reflect on all the good that has been going on in your life.  You'd be surprised how much good there really is in your life if you just make the effort to look for it!!

welcome spring.gif 

I hope the weather is glorious and the sun shines bright in your life today.

ladybug butterfly

So far it's been a very good year....NOT GREAT but very good none the less!!

Boys are honor students and are still maintaining their PERFECT attendance.  I am SO PROUD of my guys for making it to Spring Break with ZERO absences!!  :D  If the sun is blinding you today please know that it's just PITA shining down because he is so proud of his guys!!


We are working our rough patches out as a family TOGETHER.  The angry outbursts were completely out of control and it's no one's fault but MINE!!  My kids are 8 years old and if I'm modeling it, they are repeating it.  I take 100% full responsibility for THEIR behaviors.  SO....We have our pencil posted and we are taking baby steps toward being united as 1 once again.  Being devided wasn't working for us!!  Every relationship needs a hero....I may as well step up and be it for MY kids!!  Those boys are FAR too important to me to pass them off to the streets!!  I want my loving happy go lucky little boys (espically Michael) back!  We had a better week last week and I hope we have an even better on this week!!  Fingers crossed

fingers crossed

I am in the process of planning our summer vacation.  It will be either a 4 day or a 1 week get away with just me and my boys.  I'm hoping I can swing the whole week!!

at the beach on vacation

I may be starting a new job that would be PERFECT for my MOM schedule as early as May!!!


I've lost 27.4 lbs since January 7th and I am feeling AMAZINGLY healthy for the first time in SO LONG.  I finally feel like I'm getting my groove back!  My internal numbers are good and it's showing.  Everyone can see the differences in me and even I can spot it here and there!  :D


I am loving my "Good Things" Jar.  It really does help me keep focus of all the positive in life no matter how small it may be!!  I think we need a new jar soon...LOL

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