Sunday, March 3, 2013

Happy Sunday....

Boy am I SORE!!! My legs are killing me today. I walked over 7 3/4 miles yesterday total clocking in a little more then an hour of aerobic walking. Today I am going to take some Advil, do the laundry and give my body a rest!!

I'm 45 and sometimes I really hate getting old!! One of the reasons besides weight loss that I get daily activity in is "a body in motion stays in motion!" I do not w...
ant to be the fat, frumpy, and 50 year old that can't get off the couch because everything hurts so bad I can barely breath! I want to stay active and agile even into my 80's!!!! No matter how much we desire to move like we're in our 20's, our body is constantly reminding us of our age! I wasn't even this sore 10 years ago at 35 when I was walking approx. 10 miles per day!

I think I am starting to come down with something. Woke up yesterday and today feeling that "you're getting sick" tickle in the back of my throat. It went away yesterday and that's what I'm hoping for today!
This will definitely be me today....

 What are your plans today?

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