Sunday, February 10, 2013

Busy week ahead!

I have tons of energy today so I made good use of it.  I'm spending my day cleaning our bedrooms!  First I did the boys bedroom then I did mine.  I did laundry and collected trash in between.  Still not completely done but I'm getting there!  It feels so good to FINALLY have a clean and fresh house.  For years I lived with a hoarder and I would get so frustrated because he never saw how important a clean house was to me and the boys.  Sadly I had to wait until after he passed away for me to have the house the way I wanted!  I took good care of him and before he left this world, I started cleaning it out slowly but surely.  Today, 2 years later, I am finally rid of ALL THE JUNK!!  I kept only necessary pieces and the rest was filed under T for TRASH!!

I really love getting my life back and feeling really good about me, my kids, my home, my entire life!!  I haven't felt really good in a long time and frankly it's well deserved!!  I always go out of my way to make others feel good, it's MY TURN NOW!!

This week I have a busy schedule!!  Monday I have to go get my picture for my ID and do some food shopping.  Tuesday I have a school trip, I'm going with the boys classrooms and I'm very excited!!!  Wednesday I have cupcakes to make for valentines day AND a dr apt for me.  Thursday I have to deliver the cupcakes AND valentine taffy's to the kids at school and go to the boys report card conferences!  Friday is my only day to myself this week.  I think tomorrow I will call and try to schedule my physical for Friday.

What do you have planned this week??  Facing any challenges??  Do you prep foods?  Here is a nice chart that can help if you don't.

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