Sunday, February 3, 2013

Non-scale benefits of Living Clean!

Hey everyone, I'm having some water while relaxing after a good workout lugging ALL the heavy trash out of my basement upstairs to get ready for collection tomorrow morning!  As I'm sitting here I'm thinking about all the non-scale benefits I have been experiencing of my weight loss journey so far.

#1  I sleep better.  I was waking up quite frequently in the middle of the night for several reasons from being extremely thirsty, suffering with the MOST HORRIBLE heartburn, or simply out of breath and everything in between.  Sometimes ALL in the same night too!!  I woke up with minor heartburn 1 night since Jan 7th and that was because we had a late dinner and I had a slice of pizza. 

#2  My energy level is almost tripled.  I used to drag my butt everywhere I had to go even if it was from the living room to the kitchen to grab more junk!  I find myself wanting to take walks after cleaning up from dinner.  Even my sons sometimes join me!!  They are AWESOME!!

#3  I DO NOT drink anymore soda!!!  My beverage of choice was always Diet Pepsi because it was always the healthier option right??  WRONG!!!!  Soda is BAD, ALL SODA even the diet crap!!!!!!

#4  I hydrate with water now.  I got FAR away from drinking it and now I am back to drinking 4 to 6 33 ounce bottles per day!  I LOVE MY aqua!!

#5  I am eating more veggies.  Sadly another thing I got far away from.  I am now rediscovering all the yummy tasting veggies I loved to eat but forgotten how good they were because I wasn't cooking them!

#6  I always have fresh fruit within reach!  I was a terrible snacker.  I would snack on all the wrong stuff never worrying about healthy or not!  Candy, chips, cake...everything!  My go to snack now is fresh fruit!  I eat a banana with my breakfast every morning.  I eat about 2 to 3 apples and oranges per day.  I'm so looking forward to means CHERRIES!!!!

#7  I really pay attention to portion sizes now.  If anyone suffered terribly with portion distortion, it would be me!!  I always thought that whatever the restaurants put on the plate was the right portion so you just ate it!!  You went to the restaurant to EAT right???  So why take any home??  I mean you were paying for the meal to be served to you, just eat it!!  Again WRONG!!!  Most if not all of the restaurants today serve far more on your plate then they should.  Fast food restaurants ask if you want everything super sized.  When they should be asking if you would like the small??  Turn on the TV and we are bombarded with HUGE portions of everything.  We live in a world that shoves big portions down our throats AS WELL AS makes us believe that those big portions are good for us.  Learning proper portions of everything can be quite interesting.  Read the labels and suddenly we find out just how much damage we're actually doing to ourselves.  I'm sticking within proper portions and I really bump up the veggies now to make up for the difference.  Let's face it there isn't a one of us that got fat on too many celery sticks so go BIG with your veggies and go small with everything else!

#8  My activity level has tremendously increased!  I was almost sedentary all the time.  I hate the word exercise PERIOD THE END.  I slip and use it every now and again but I honestly don't like using the word.  For me it's in the same category with the word diet.  Activity sounds so much more of a healthy term for me!!  I know, I know, technicalities but there are HONESTLY people that hate the word and I happen to be one of them.  I much prefer being active!  So I find ways to get more activity in.  I am extremely active now even if it's the slightest task....I push it to the max.  I can put on the music and dance while I clean.  I do walk at home DVDs and I love them.  When I have to run errands, I walk.  I LOVE walking!!  I am constantly on the move now and my body is all the better for it!!!!

These are just some of the non-scale benefits I have experienced.  I'm so looking forward to more as I get healthier!

MY journey, MY terms!

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