Thursday, February 7, 2013

Only 1 Pound!

It always amazed when I would go to Weight Watchers meetings and I'd hear people say "I ONLY LOST 1 POUND??? " as if they expected more weight lost each week!   These are the same people that would say to me, "You lost 1 pound??  AWESOME JOB!!"  I always wondered why they had such high weight loss expectations for themselves but 1 lb lost each week was an AWESOME JOB for me!!  I took whatever the scale told me, good or bad.  It wasn't my sole reason for going to the meetings.  It was simply feedback, JUST A NUMBER!!  It didn't give an inkling about all the other benefits of eating healthy was doing for my body!

When I see any loss on the scale, I am instantly reminded of what my WW Leader, Anthony, used to tell me.  If I lost 1 lb that week, he'd say, "You're 1 pound lighter then when you walked in the door!"  And you know what, he was right.  I walked into every single meeting armed with only the knowledge of what I weighed the previous week...not what the scale told me I really was that night!  I always felt good after a weigh in.  Now if I went up 1 lb he'd say, "You ONLY gained a pound.  Could have been worse, right?"  Again, he was right!!

Try to visualize what 1 lb of fat looks like and

So when you say I ONLY lost 1 lb...remember this picture

This is what your body lost.
Now visualize what your body will look like after losing 20 of these!

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