Sunday, February 3, 2013

Happy Sunday

Hey everyone and happy Sunday!! I hope you had a wonderful week and are looking forward to an even better week ahead! I have been staying OP and drinking plenty of water. Getting exercise in though can sometimes be a bit challenging for me. I'm a single widowed Mother of ADHD/Autistic 8 year old twin 2nd grade sons living on a fixed income and I simply can't afford a gym membership. Gym's jus...t aren't for me anyway so I won't commit to something I am not going to do anyway.

I always have SO MUCH to do during the day, I volunteer at the boys school which I LOVE to do, or I have tons of errands to run! So because getting exercise can be difficult for me when I have to do a lot of cleaning I try to move fast and deliberately draw my tasks out so I feel like I am getting a REAL WORKOUT! When I'm at school, I am ALWAYS moving around the building helping out the teachers. When I have to run errands, I walk and I try to walk as fast as I can so again, I feel like I'm getting a good workout in!! Some days I find that I do all 3 and I pray it pays off come weigh-in day!! LOL

Today I have the laundry to do and a ton of trash that has to be removed from my basement. I'm bringing it up little by little as the day goes on! I have to get up around 6ish tomorrow morning to put it out curbside to be collected. I spent a good hour and got the lunch stuff portioned out for the boys. They ONLY at ham roll ups for lunch so that had to be broken down in appropriate portion sizes for them. Then I bought a huge box of Pepp Farms goldfish and a container of Pringles chips and I portioned all that out for them.

I heard on Pinerest that you can make homemade McDonalds apple slices by soaking your apple slices overnight in Sprite so I sliced 4 green apples and they are soaking away! I hope it works because I'm gonna feel like I wasted 4 perfectly good apples and I HATE WASTING FOOD!!! It's so hard to get healthy foods into my kids and my son Michael LOVES McDonalds apple slices but I refuse to pay the price the supermarkets want for them. My son CJ eats bunny carrots with his lunch each day!

This week my project is cleaning out the boys playroom. If you don't hear from me by Wednesday, PLEASE alert the authorities in Philadelphia to send the search and rescue team!! HAHAHAHA

Hope everyone has a SUPER DUPER Super Bowl Sunday!!

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