Saturday, February 16, 2013

How do you stay active?

Do you stay active?  If you are trying to lose weight you should.  I'm not exactly sure what your personal fitness level should be for weight loss but ANY activity is better then none!

Do you walk, go to the gym, do an exercise DVD, play the Wii fit or Xbox??

Did you know that staying active isn't just for weight loss?  It's been known to have other health benefits.

It really is true that a body in motion stays in motion!  My FIL is a very healthy 86 years old and goes to the gym 3 days per week to help keep himself active.  He's been going to a gym for over 25 years and he has no plans on slowing down his activity levels!!   He is such an inspiration to me!!

Try getting at least 30 minutes of activity per day to keep yourself happy and healthy!!  "I wish I'd never worked out because I feel terrible" said no one after a workout!!

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